How it Works

Use a Short Term Bridge Loan to Enable You to Buy Before You Sell

Dominate With a Cash Offer and Make Only One House Payment.

How Does It Work?

Use Short-Term Bridge Loan to Purchase a New Home

  • Term of 1 year or less amortized over 30 years

No payment for up to 3 months to give you time to sell your current house

  • Just keep making your payment on your current home
  • Payments on your short-term loan are rolled into your loan balance

Loan can be structured as a:

  • 1st lien loan that you pay off when you sell your current home (mainly for retired borrowers or for customers with substantial equity in their old home)
  • 2nd lien loan (in conjunction with conventional first loan) so that you set your 1st lien conventional loan at the loan amount you want for the long term and you use our short term second lien as a proxy for the equity in your current home (that you pay off once your current home sells).

No Pre-payment Penalty

  • You can pay off our short-term loan as soon as your house sells.

Rates as low as 5.99% on Short Term Bridge Loan


“Football’s hard.
Moving doesn’t have to be,
Make a smart move –
Consider a short-term loan.”


Dat Nguyen, Hurst Lending Investor
Former Pro Football Player & Coach


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