Applies to All of Our Buyer in Transition Offers


Low fee to Enable you to Buy Before You Sell, Dominate with a Cash Offer and Make Only One House Payment.

Up Front Cost

  • One low $795 fee to set up your Short-Term Bridge Credit Facility and allocate Funds for your use.
  • You get a Proof of Funds Letter that you have funds available to make a Cash Offer.

If Your Old House Sells

  • Skip the Short-Term loan and the $795 fee is all you pay.

If Your Old House Doesn’t Sell

  • Draw against the short-term Bridge loan Credit Facility to close on your new home.
  • There will be traditional loan closing costs for the short-term bridge loan (e.g. appraisal, title policy, underwriting fee, etc. and a 1% origination based on the amount you draw).
  • The $795 up front fee will be credited toward these closing costs.

Rates on Short Term Loan

  • Our short-term bridge loan rates start at 5.99%
  • Payments on our short-term bridge loan may be deferred for up to 3 months to give you time to sell your old home
  • Deferred Payments are added to the principal balance of your short-term bridge loan.
  • Your Short-Term Bridge Loan must be paid off at the earlier of when your old house sells or within 1 year.


“Football’s hard.
Moving doesn’t have to be,
Make a smart move –
Consider a short-term loan.”


Dat Nguyen, Hurst Lending Investor
Former Pro Football Player & Coach


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